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SPRING 2023 – MN Irrigator of the Year, Annual Convention Highlights, Corn Yield Variation, MN Regional Access to Local Weather Data & Crop ET

WINTER 2023 – Annual Convention #48, MN Irrigator Program, Irrigation and Groundwater Level Monitoring, Caring For Your Center Pivot End Gun, Agriculture Literacy Program, 3 Areas of Focus to Feel Better During Cold Dark Winter Days

FALL 2022 – Scholarship award winners, Field Day Opportunities, Legislative Farm Tour, Cost to Pump Water, Implementing Innovative Irrigation Practices.

SPRING 2022 – Irrigator of the Year, Annual Convention Highlights, Well Construction, Irrigating Relationships, Groundwater Issues, Research on economic impacts of irrigation.

WINTER 2022 – Annual Convention #47, MN Corn Growers partnership, Managing Variability, Strategic Farming, 2021 Drought Reflections, Well Interference Complaints high, Trends

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Everyone benefits from the ideas, experiences and partnerships of IAM. By keeping a watchful eye on water rights, telling personal stories about the benefits of irrigation, We are representing farmers across the state and advocating for their right to water.

Jerry Wright