MCGA Farmers encouraged to apply for Innovation Grants

Minnesota Corn has moved the deadline to apply for a 2023 Innovation Grant from Jan. 6 to Jan. 20. The Innovation Grant program is open to farmers with ideas for improving the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of corn production. Farmers can use grants to test or develop best practices in cover crop management, fertility, tillage, water management, and other production methods. Grants can be for up to $7,000 for small-scale projects and up to $30,000 for larger-scale projects, and farmers can collaborate with a soil and water conservation district, the USDA NRCS, a university, crop consulting company, or other agency.” 

Alan Peterson Agricultural Scholarship

The Alan Peterson Agricultural Scholarship serves to Respect natural resources, Embrace innovation, Advocate for agriculture at local, regional and national levels, Protect irrigated production agriculture and Promote research.

Alan Peterson lived and farmed in Sherburne County his entire life. He proudly served as a member of many agricultural boards at the local, county, and state levels and was president of the Irrigators Association of Minnesota for 18 years. One of his many passions was advocating for irrigation in the sandy soils of central Minnesota. He enjoyed communicating with farmers regarding irrigation questions and concerns. He was open to innovative practices that would increase crop productivity.

2022 Recipients

Congratulations to Lafe Aarsvold of Altura, MN and Kaitlyn Lorang of Morton, MN on being awarded one of two $2000.00 IAM Alan Peterson Agricultural Scholarships.

Kaitlyn is a 2020 graduate of Cedar Mountain High School in Morgan and is attending South Dakota State University studying Agricultural Communications, Agronomy and Crop Protection.  Her goal is to work in soil conservation with an organization like NRCS and bring her knowledge to improving productivity on farms while supporting good environmental practices. Kaitlyn is dedicated to the future of agriculture and wants to be part of the solution to feed a growing world.

Lafe is a 2019 graduate of Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School in Plainview and is attending Southwest Minnesota State University with a major in Agronomy.  After graduation, he hopes to get a job working in breeding and genetics of corn hybrids to bring new genetics to the corn industry. He looks forward to working on hybrids that could reduce the need for nutrient supplements. Lafe is dedicated to agriculture and helping farmers overcome their challenges on the farm and in life.

Read more about past recipients here.

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