Caring for your Center Pivot End Gun

By Carmelita Nelson, Minnesota DNR Water Conservation Consultant Somewhere in Minnesota, the county sheriff or the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is getting a complaint about irrigation systems shooting water onto the roadway. Sending water through your center pivot’s end gun onto public roads can create hazardous driving conditions for cars and motorcycles and canContinue reading “Caring for your Center Pivot End Gun”

Drought of 2021?

Thank you for taking the time to read through IAM’s summer newsletter. As you page through, I am sure you will notice a common topic. The topic of course is the drought many of us, if not all, are experiencing right now. Some are experiencing challenges we have not had to face before or wereContinue reading “Drought of 2021?”

Annual Meeting, Day on the Hill and Legislative Update – April ’21

I hope everybody is enjoying the spring weather. In my area, there was a little fieldwork that got done before we received some spring moisture. I’ll first start out by giving a recap of some of the events IAM has participated in over the last few months. On February 18th, IAM hosted its annual meetingContinue reading “Annual Meeting, Day on the Hill and Legislative Update – April ’21”

Comments by the IAM President

I would like to start out by giving everybody an update on a few items that have taken place down in St. Paul. As I’m sure you are all aware, COVID-19 has remained a  large priority at the Capital. With  that said, IAM has remained active  throughout by continuing to have  communications with key legislatorsContinue reading “Comments by the IAM President”